Hello, I'm Lauren C. Verner

Experienced WordPress web designer with HubSpot certification, specializing in seamless website development and integrated email marketing solutions for businesses. Elevate your online presence with tailored designs and strategic email campaigns.

About Me

Skills and Achievements

Dynamic marketing specialist with a strong foundation in design, specializing in HubSpot Marketing CRM with a focus on email marketing and customer journey understanding. Proven track record in implementing effective marketing strategies, creating high-impact email campaigns, and managing front and back-end marketing operations within diverse organizational settings.

Web design
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Email Marketing
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Graphic Design
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Web Development
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Freelance Marketing Specialist

  • Implementation of marketing strategies focusing on web design and email marketing for small businesses
  • WordPress website development and email campaign design within HubSpot and Constant Contact


Email marketing & marketing automation

  • Managed front and back-end marketing operations within HubSpot
  • Developed targeted B2B and B2C marketing email campaigns
  • Managed HubSpot CRM


Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Developed B2B ERP SaaS email marketing designs and templates
  • Managed HubSpot website, social media, and automated email marketing


My Projects

My work and experience in marketing automation, email campaign management, and UI design, coupled with proficiency in various marketing tools and platforms, can drive impactful marketing initiatives and foster lasting customer relationships.

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